In September 2023, Cian launched Dear Dev Diary, a YouTube channel focused on his experiences making his game POCKET MYSTERY EP and future titles.

  • Cian writes the script, preps it in a teleprompter, and then records the video in smaller segments.
  • He films videos using his Sony Alpha 7IIIR, using a Moment 5% Diffuse lens to give it a more "cinematic" flare.
  • Cian edits the videos in Da Vinci Black Magic Resolve.
  • Cian also records some parts separately using his XLR microphone while narrating over other footage.
  • He also created the branding for the channel, as well as all sound effects and background music featured.

Videos started with a bi-weekly cadence, but have pivoted to a monthly release calendar, giving Cian more time to edit and add more "flare" to his videos. Videos are considered iterative - with Cian improving his process, audio editing, and on-camera skills with each. Cian's in the process of updating the branding and sound to better meet his standards in the long run, and after that he'll be focusing on improving the channel's SEO to increase traffic.

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