Cian has launched programs, products, and updates while working for a variety of companies. He's also done similar work volunteering with local events and festivals.

Selected Companies and Products

Cian has worked for a variety of companies in both the tech and gaming space. Below is a sampling of select companies and product he's worked on:


Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

  • Grew community across social platforms (IG, Facebook, Twitter/X) by 5% over three month quarter
  • Produced marketing video content celebrating game milestones, announcing new characters, and teasing future content updates
  • Instituted new influencer program, driving increased sales and higher engagement in announcements for content like Ryu, the Crimson Hawk Ranger
  • On-boarded team to new marketing tools like Social Sprout, optimizing social content publishing, analysis, and community engagement
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Rock Band 4

  • Improved community sentiment post-launch by engaging with upset fans across social channels, assigning sentiment scores, and reporting information back to development team to action
  • Edited and appeared in marketing video content, promoting content from popular bands like LINKIN PARK, U2, and Mastodon and driving sales
  • Transitioned Harmonix's support platform from Parature to Zendesk, improving customer experience with self-help content and better support ticket management
  • Developed the mobile Rock Band 4 setlist site for events, increasing player throughput at major conferences like E3 and PAX, driving higher interest and potential customers
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Cian has also worked on titles like Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, WWE Undefeated, Amplitude (2016), the 2018 and 2019 EA Sports line-up, Battlefield V, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017), The Sims 4, NoobTubes, and Noobs in Space.


Magic Leap

  • Managed the requests for, creation of, and localization of support portal content across English, Arabic, and Japanese providing Magic Leap users with self-help content and reducing call center contacts
  • Championed project management software like Asana, and later JIRA, to Customer Success organization - increasing visibility into work being done and status of tasks
  • Advocated for feature improvements to Magic Leap 2 based on customer feedback and dog-fooding of the product

Elm Street Technologies

  • Defined product requirements and roadmap for Elm Street's Customer Support portal
  • Worked with on-boarding and support teams to define content categories and create video and written support content
  • Built initial reporting dashboards in Zendesk